Restoring America's Health
Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle
New Book in the Restoring America's Health Series
Young American’s Guide to Cooking
Coming Spring 2019
By Skip Stein

Skip Stein is COO at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living in Central Florida.  He works with his wife, Chef Nancy A. Stein to promote health and wellness with a plant-based lifestyle.

For the past 9 years they have worked as a team to create awareness, educate and train people of all ages on the benefits that plant-based nutrition provides.  They work to create delicious meals that are delicious and healthy.

This book was inspired by my Grandchildren, all seven of them, who will soon be out in the world, on their own and away from Mom’s cooking; not to mention Grandma’s cooking.  The information, structured recipes and advice is designed to help them survive their venture into independent living.

This book is the second in our series “Restoring America’s Health” and is a campion for young people to learn how to venture into the kitchen, become independent and stay healthy.

Comming soon to Amazon and Bookstores Everywhere